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Saturday, July 9, 2011

PrayerWalk, Janet Holm McHenry

The Weather is Getting Warmer...Get Outside and Make a Difference!prayerwalk

Click here to read the first two chapters of PrayerWalk.

It’s Time to Exercise Your Prayer Life! Years ago, Janet Holm McHenry suffered from depression, weight gain, and exhaustion. Then she began a prayerwalk routine that not only transformed her life but also profoundly impacted the lives of those around her. Learn how you, too, can set out on a journey to increased energy, better health, and greater joy–and experience a rich, full prayer ministry that will have a lasting impact on your loved ones and community–one step at a time.

Click here to read the first two chapters of PrayerWalk.

From Angie -

A desire to daily exercise has been stirring in my soul. I have excuses – pain – knees – starting to exercise to loose weight when the weight itself hinders progress?  One day of walking means 2 days laid up at home? The pool is too far away. The Lake is too cold. The road is too busy and full of hills . . . I got em. Lots of em.

I requested PrayerWalk to review – to help inspire me to combine the two desires in my heart that seem to be put on a back burner every time something “more urgent” comes to my day.  Prayer and Walking are two things that get stale in my life – and I wanted a jump start. Mind you – I pray. All day long. For every little thing. For every person He brings to mind. For my family, Little shout outs. Quiet moments on my prayer bench. But what I have been lacking is the solid hour of intercessory prayer. A solid hour of quiet. An appointment with the Lord.

Janet Holm McHenry wrote PrayerWalk in two halves. The first half a step by step detail of how she started walking – with a 30 day guide in the back to get you from a 1/2 mile walk to a one hour walk. She is very encouraging and in instructing.  For Me – I could have had a whole book of the second half.  The How /What/ Who of her intimate prayer life. How often do we get to sit with a sister and listen to her, in a humble but wise and experienced way, as lets you in on the very words of her prayer life. Her doubts? Her struggles? Strongholds? Victories? When things get pale and repetitious? Janet Holm McHenry lets you in. I was encouraged to see that our prayer journey has been similar. Mine on paper, hers on the road.

I have had my intercessory prayer on paper, but I have the list so memorized that I can stand at the gate for my friends and family what ever the location.

Since reading this book – and while reading it – I have taken a CanoePrayer action, this summer, to take the canoe to the one mile point or further, praising the Lord – giving Him my worries, listening for His voice.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to become “a woman of Prayer, Strength & Discipline.”

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”