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Friday, August 31, 2012

How Do You Do It? Is Your Answer Faith?

I just closed the last page of the book – The Fourth Fisherman.

First off – since this is a review – before I get into the meat of it – in a world that is cutting corners, publishing cheap books, and pushing towards $.99 e-books, This book is Fantastic. Hard bound with a wonderful finish. Cloth Binding. Thick Linen Pages.  Beautiful Jacket with a description that pulls one in. Gripping the book – it feels like a treasure. Like you should also use the nicer tea cup, use a prettier quilt, nibble better licorice. What you’ll find though, as you grip the pages, is that you are reading a journal, of a personal story, one I invite you to read.

I will let you know that from the first page, the book pulled me in. Don’t start this on a Monday Morning when you have laundry and school work. Save it for when you’ll have the whole day  and the wee hours of the night to finish it.  He once told his story in a church 45 minutes before first service, ended an hour after church was out, and had to come back for 2 hours on another session to finish.  That’s what it will feel like.  He’s telling this insane story. He leaves room at the end to tell how the story developed into the pages you are reading, and the toil and faith it took to get to this point – And that is all of the story I can give you.  I have to let you have your own ride, into this story of lives that will make you ponder if it is fiction or non fiction. It made the media and governments and citizens declare that it was false.  You’ll be hard pressed to believe it – but you will.

I was on page 135 before I needed a book mark – only to take a break to do some mom things.  On page 186 – I had my first post it note –

“For many, the fishermen’s experience is beyond any realm of understanding, and because it doesn’t fit into a compartment we can fathom, we question what is true. When you haven’t experienced the miraculous, it’s hard to get your arms around it. We are pretty wired to the ordinary. That’s sad, because it leads us to dismiss the remarkable, the triumphant, the extraordinary, the supernatural. Those are compartments many of us don’t have. As a result, we dprive ourselves of these dimensions to life.”

My second post it note is in the Epilogue –

“The realization that there was a finite amount of time left for them set in. That happens when death stares at your every day. Making every moment count becomes a lifestyle.”

Joe Kissack told this story many times before writing the book.  People tried to convince him he was The Fourth Fisherman – but he didn’t want the story to be about him. 

As I write this blog – this year – I feel more compelled to bring in more of our faith journey with you. Not just how we learn, the unbelievable environment we live in, or how crazy my boys will be in front of the camera.  When people ask – How do you homeschool high school? I want to say  - Because I have Faith and my Bible.

I don’t hare a lot about my family-  mostly, my hubby’s job has mentioned they don’t want to show up in Social Media. So his name isn’t mentioned.  I see a lot of my hubby in Joe. The hurt.  The relationship with his father. Just this morning, hubby was praying about a hard situation at work. We received an e-mail from a past youth pastor. I read it to him. It was urging us to remember that we are to please God and not Man. That our humbleness will be our guide instead of pride. (You may read it here.) I  identified with Joe’s wife, Carmen.  Joe being the kite, and Carmen holding the string on the ground.  Joe dealing with his ‘stuff’ the only way he knew how and Carmen taking charge of the home and children. It’s hard to relate here – without you having read the book – but the dynamic really spoke to me. Page 211:

“I see desperate hope in the eyes of women who have remained strong for so long that they have forgotten what it’s like to breathe a sigh of relief from it all. I want them to know that God rescues men and brings them back.”

After hearing this crazy story of transformation- redemption – faith – hope – strength – humility – my favorite pages were 208-2011 – hearing a few more personal paragraphs about the people. After turning that last page, I just clung to the book and let the tears fall just a little bit.

I confess, looking into high school – looking into the what ifs for the boys’ futures – wondering daily about employment and transportation and bill money – I have to give it to the Lord. I walk today – by faith and my bible. Claiming what I can do right now, what I have right now, what I know to be true – right. now.  And give the rest to God.  Oh how I want to talk about this story to you – but you’ll have to flip each page on your own – and then call me. Smile





Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books  / WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for reading it and sharing it with you. I am SO glad I did.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Through Rushing Water, Catherine Richmond

From the Publisher:

Sophia has her life all planned out—but her plan didn’t include being jilted or ending up in Dakota Territory.

Sophia Makinoff is certain that 1876 is the year that she’ll become the wife of a certain US Congressman, and happily plans her debut into the Capitol city. But when he proposes to her roommate instead, Sophia is stunned. Hoping to flee her heartache and humiliation, she signs up with the Board of Foreign Missions on a whim.

With dreams of a romantic posting to the Far East, Sophia is dismayed to find she’s being sent to the Ponca Indian Agency in the bleak Dakota Territory. She can’t even run away effectively and begins to wonder how on earth she’ll be able to guide others as a missionary. But teaching the Ponca children provides her with a joy she has never known—and never expected—and ignites in her a passion for the people she’s sent to serve.

It’s a passion shared by the Agency carpenter, WillougIhby Dunn, a man whose integrity and selflessness are unmatched. The Poncas are barely surviving. When U.S. policy decrees that they be uprooted from their land and marched hundreds of miles away in the middle of winter, Sophia and Will wade into rushing waters to fight for their friends, their love, and their destiny.

From Pebblekeeper

I really enjoyed reading Through Rushing Water.  I read it some time back, and forgot to write out a review. This afternoon – I was looking through my Kindle and saw the book there  - and started reading.  I was taken back to Sophia’s shock when she realized it would not be her that would be the congressman’s wife. I was quickly swept to her decision to not go to China – but to the Dakota Territory and quickly realized I had read this fine story before.  It is such a great read – that I will continue this evening, and re-walk her journey with the Ponca People.  I really loved her relationship with the people, and her struggles as she grows and matures as a young lady.  Her prayer book always just out of hand when she needs it most, she learns how to communicate with Christ in her own words.  How many of us rely on resources and tools to be able to communicate with our Lord? Strange that the author was so honest with this missionary character – letting her be walking out of duty and distance, and the joy of growing with her as she develops her own walk.  This is well worth the purchase – reads well on the kindle, a light read, but a heart felt story.  Wonderful Historical Fiction.

I received a copy of this book for free from BookSneeze as a part of their book review team in exchange for an honest review.


Through Rushing Water

By Catherine Richmond
Published by Thomas Nelson

From the Library of C.S. Lewis


From the Library of C. S. LewisI heard a phrase recently - "Do you want to learn from a great man, or from the sources from which the great man learned?"  I am speaking about C.S. Lewis.  Many people read the works that he wrote and recommend them. Now there is a book available to read "Selections from Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey" compiled by James Stuart Bell and Anthony P Dawson called "From the Library of C.S. Lewis".

Sections of the books help a reader see inside different areas such as page 55, Chapter 4, I Will Seek You, Knowing God.  Sir Thomas Aquinas, John Donne, Richard Hooker, Edward Young, George Herbert, Dorothy Sayers, Saint Augustine, George McDonald, Beowulf, Anicius Boethius and Thomas Traherne share short thoughts of knowing God.

I must confess that I have not read the book in entirety – as it is summer and we have been in the water just about every day – however, I have it on my side table next to my chair and read tid bits here and there and look forward to reading it this winter when the storms come.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from Waterbrook Multnomah  / Blogging For Books, in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Deposit Slip, Todd M. Johnson

Wow! What a ride! 

It has been a long time since I’ve read a legal thriller.  Am I GLAD that I took a chance on this book!  The Deposit Slip starts quickly as Erin looks through her father’s safety deposit box and finds a Deposit Slip for over 10 million dollars.  A small town farmer – where would this have come from.  The bank is refusing to acknowledge the receipt, and the more that Erin looks into the matter, the more harm comes to her farm. People in town are not talking – and blame her for even wanting to pull 10 million dollars from the town bank.  I’ll save the story for you to read, each page builds on it’s characters, broadens the story, piece by piece – I LOVED it! 

Although there is a part in the beginning where you might think there is a cross with a romance fiction – that is not the case. You do get to hear what the attorney thinks of his client and legal assistant, but that is never the focus of the story – once you know how he feels, the story moves on. I really enjoyed that part – just enough for us to know about the characters, but this story is all about the case – and not about romance.

Very Well Written, I already have it loaned out to the next person to read it – and it will be my ‘must read’ recommendation for the rest of the summer!


I received a free copy of The Deposit Slip from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

The Deposit SlipThe Deposit Slip by Todd M. Johnson
Erin Larson is running out of options. In the wake of her father’s death, she found a deposit slip for an unbelievable ten million dollars. But the bank claims it has no record of the deposit and stonewalls her attempts to find out more. Her lawsuit only leads to intimidation and threats.
Lawyer Jared Neaton is her last chance. But when digging deeper unleashes something far more dangerous than threats, they will both have to decide how far they are willing to go to discover the truth.