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Monday, December 12, 2011

As Silver Refined, Kay Arthur

As Silver Refined, Answers to Life’s Disappointments

I may be a bit biased. A long time friend of Kay’s. As she she shared, I felt like we were sitting side by side. Tea in hand. Talking of her disappointments in life – sharing her heart and stories with me. I have been with Kay since about 1997, when a dear friend prayed to the Lord to bring people to her home who wanted to study the word.  I was in the second study that gathered at that kitchen table.  Long since walking in my own will and power, I had been raised to love the Lord, love the Word, love His people. However, I didn’t know how to walk that out as an adult.  Kay’s studies taught me how little I knew of the Word. How many stories I had learned from Sunday School by well meaning moms who drew the short straw and had to keep a group of 20 sugar hyped up kids quiet while their parents sat through church .   . .never made their way as truth, set truth, in my heart.

Enter As Silver refined. As I read this book, I walked through a difficult relationship. Between November 18th and December 12th, I would turn on the e-book through Blue Fire on my iPod, and read more of how to get through discouragements. In the middle of this, I walked through a hard set of circumstances. I have about 30 book marks set in the book in the e-reader.  One of my favorite, is from page 61 – to React or Act. It has become something I have said aloud and in quietly to myself, many times since November 29th. It is my choice to act, or react. I have talked to the boys about this. It is changing my days! I wish I could just sit with you and go through the bookmarks. I would come home from a stressful situation, open the book to read, and find the Word and Kay’s words waiting to comfort, direct, and encourage me.  I would walk through a difficulty with a friend, and The word would be there to help share a word with her.

Although I received an ebook copy of this for free to review until December 30th, I will purchase a hard backed copy of this from our local Bob’s Beach Books as well. It will be the first book I’ve reviewed that I’ve bought copies of.

Are you walking through disappointments? Do you know the path of the deadly d’s and how to combat it? If you are walking through any of life’s struggles, or you have a friend neck deep in it, this is going to be an instructive and encouraging read.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Healing is a Choice, Steve Arterburn

Healing Is a Choice10 Decisions That Will Transform Your Life and 10 Lies That Can Prevent You From Making Them

By Steve Arterburn
Published by Thomas Nelson

My copy of this book is dog eared and over highlighted, I’ve been reading it for a couple of weeks. When I first started, it was as a followup to another Stephen Arterburn book, The Encounter, and I wasn’t sure that the book would apply to me. However, I think that this book would be great for anyone – whether you think you are hurting or not!  He gives ten decisions that will transform your life, and then shares the 10 myths that counter those choices. What I think you will find, as I did, is that you think you might “be over” an event, but what you’ve actually done is live in the zone of the myth, and then let time slip by. I recommend this book highly for anyone, but especially if you, or a friend close to you, is in the midst of hurt and pain. This book will remain on my reading table, as a reference and source of direction.  Thank you Stephen!

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Book Description

Do you want to get well?

The power to heal—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—is in God's hands. But the choice to be healed is ours. Everyone, at some level, needs healing. In this book, Stephen Arterburn outlines ten choices crucial to receiving healing and ten lies that can prevent us from making them. Readers will find the wholeness God desires for them in a practical and prayerful way through this book.

Now including the full workbook, this combined release emphasizes the fact that we must choose to let the hurt go and let the healing begin.

The book asks the participant, "Do you want to be healed?" If the answer is yes, then ten choices are provided to make the path toward healing a restorative experience.

Shadow in Serenity, Teri Blackstock

At the age of 17, Carny Sullivan broke free from the traveling carnival and scamming visitors with her dad, and moved to the safe town of Serenity, Texas. Now with a house of her own, a young son and a new life with people who love her, Carny is very protective of her new hometown. But Carny still knows a con artist when she sees one, and when charming, slick Logan Brisco arrives to dupe her town, she is determined to reveal his greedy intentions to all. Carny may be Brisco's biggest match.

Never having had a real family, Brisco becomes comfortable in the quaint, welcoming town, and the lure of the townspeople love may be just what he needs to change his criminal ways. Despite Carny's anger towards Brisco and her attempts to expose his scam to the townspeople, Carny learns the truth about the man behind that suave smile. It would take a miracle to change him, but she's seen that kind of redemption firsthand.

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From Angie:

I have enjoyed Terri Blackstocks’s writing for many years.  What I didn’t know, is that she wrote under a different name before she came to be a follower of Christ. She shares that this is a re-write of one of her previous books, not set with redemption, and cleaned up for Christian Fiction readers.  I liked the book in the fact that it was a very different story line, the characters had a very unique set of circumstances, and even though I had a hard time relating to the characters or identifying with them, I still read the book to the last page to see what Logan Brisco was going to end up doing. I really wasn’t sure throughout the whole book which way it was going to go. Which, to me, is a good read. Because the story line did not hook my enjoyment, I would have a hard time highly recommending this to my Historical Fiction loving friends, but if you are looking for different – this is a good one. I highly recommend looking into Terri Blackstocks’s other books if you have not read her work before.

Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN-13: 9780310332312
Page count: 352 Pages
USD: $14.99
On Sale Date: September 27, 2011
Genre: FICTION/Christian/Suspense


About the author:
Terri Blackstock has sold six million books worldwide and is a ”New York Times” bestselling author. With over 25 years of success as a novelist, Blackstock's most recent novel, “Vicious Cycle,” debuted on the ”New York Times” bestseller list. The first book in the Intervention Series, “Intervention” is a “New York Times” bestseller and a 2010 Carol Award Winner. Other Blackstock favorites include ”Predator” and “Double Minds,” as well as the Restoration Series, the Newpointe 911 Series, the Cape Refuge Series and the SunCoast Chronicles series. For more information, please

I received this book for free through Zondervan and NetGalley in exchange for mentioning it on my blog.