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Monday, December 12, 2011

As Silver Refined, Kay Arthur

As Silver Refined, Answers to Life’s Disappointments

I may be a bit biased. A long time friend of Kay’s. As she she shared, I felt like we were sitting side by side. Tea in hand. Talking of her disappointments in life – sharing her heart and stories with me. I have been with Kay since about 1997, when a dear friend prayed to the Lord to bring people to her home who wanted to study the word.  I was in the second study that gathered at that kitchen table.  Long since walking in my own will and power, I had been raised to love the Lord, love the Word, love His people. However, I didn’t know how to walk that out as an adult.  Kay’s studies taught me how little I knew of the Word. How many stories I had learned from Sunday School by well meaning moms who drew the short straw and had to keep a group of 20 sugar hyped up kids quiet while their parents sat through church .   . .never made their way as truth, set truth, in my heart.

Enter As Silver refined. As I read this book, I walked through a difficult relationship. Between November 18th and December 12th, I would turn on the e-book through Blue Fire on my iPod, and read more of how to get through discouragements. In the middle of this, I walked through a hard set of circumstances. I have about 30 book marks set in the book in the e-reader.  One of my favorite, is from page 61 – to React or Act. It has become something I have said aloud and in quietly to myself, many times since November 29th. It is my choice to act, or react. I have talked to the boys about this. It is changing my days! I wish I could just sit with you and go through the bookmarks. I would come home from a stressful situation, open the book to read, and find the Word and Kay’s words waiting to comfort, direct, and encourage me.  I would walk through a difficulty with a friend, and The word would be there to help share a word with her.

Although I received an ebook copy of this for free to review until December 30th, I will purchase a hard backed copy of this from our local Bob’s Beach Books as well. It will be the first book I’ve reviewed that I’ve bought copies of.

Are you walking through disappointments? Do you know the path of the deadly d’s and how to combat it? If you are walking through any of life’s struggles, or you have a friend neck deep in it, this is going to be an instructive and encouraging read.

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  1. My copy is full of underlining, too. I thought this book was loaded with insight and wisdom for dealing with difficult times.