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Monday, November 12, 2012

Father of Lights, Wanderlust Productions

Father of Lights

This film – documentary style – pulls in the listeners. I put it in the DVD player. Called the family to check out the beginning – without expectations. Well. That’s not true. I put it in with doubt. With unexpectedness. With an eye to see untruth.

And we began to watch, and listen – it almost felt like we were participating. We could feel That Light come into the home – listen – watch – and pray. That’s what I felt on my heart. My family has watched – putting it on pause when interruptions came.  We stopped it mid way – to soak in the miracles we had seen – and restarted it it this weekend.

I had a hard time knowing what to share with you – outside of an informational review – until this weekend. 

We are in the 10th chapter of Acts.  Peter and Cornelius are getting together through dreams and the obedience of traveling – and inviting. People who should never even eat together – come together to praise the gospel – and the Holy Spirit shows up – and the evidence that the Gentiles are included in God’s plan is evident – and people speak in tongues and praise the Lord. The story is retold several times in these couple of chapters.

Which is what is going on in the movie.  People are stopped. Given a vision, given a task – and step out in an unknown faith – willing – able – willing to be put to death. Willing to be stoned, put in a conflict zone.

And this weekend – after the big service encouraging the speaking of the Gospel of Christ – we sing dry feel good songs, we talk of feel good things like God’s Love. And then we wait – hoping that the Holy Spirit moves like He did in Acts. We attend a community service – and I hear the longing – a friend said – ‘I was just waiting for the Holy Spirit to swoop in and show up’.

The only thing – is that we live in the “Comfort Zone.” The Gospel is not new to us. We have no fear in praying for people. We might have embarrassment fear – but not conflict zone fear. Most of us know where the rent is coming, where the food will come from – even if it is from the Government when we lack. 

The thing that is most eye opening in this film  - is remembering – or realizing – how far the Gospel of Jesus is to millions of people in other countries.  And being reminded of how little we really go out to share Jesus. Plain. Simple. Do you even know anyone that you would be the first person to introduce Jesus into their life?

And so we sit. I am in a heated home on the lake in a leather chair with the laptop on my lap – hoping to encourage others on the internet – hoping to encourage someone in town – show them the joy and peace that marks the difference of Christ in my life – and I feel so inadequate. So small. Oh that we would live a life – totally dependent on the Gospel of Christ. Totally dependent on Him for healing and provision.

This film series is amazing. I have  friend that travels like this in Napal.  When asked at a gathering why we do not see these miracles here in the US – he simply answered – we don’t need them. By our lives we tell the Holy Spirit that we do not need it. Oh For the love of the Father and His Son and His sacrifice – Simple – Walk by Faith – By those who believe. I invite you to watch this series!

From the Publisher :

Wanderlust Productions presents Father of Lights

About Father of Lights

FATHER OF LIGHTS chronicles the journey of filmmaker Darren Wilson and his team as they fearlessly travel the globe, far from the daily existence of the typical evangelical believer in the West. By thoughtfully documenting the stories of extraordinary believers and candidly filming miracles, visions and other supernatural occurrences, Wilson engages viewers in modern day examples of the true nature and character of God.  

Wilson gives honest access to his own spiritual questions as he tackles the religious misconceptions he has struggled with throughout his life.  “I went into making this film by asking the simple question: who is God? I wanted to know His character, His personality, and who He truly is. To answer this question, we had to peel back the many layers of religious garbage that has been passed onto him through generations. That He is angry. Vengeful. Wrathful. And in general, that He doesn’t like you very much. The truth, as you will see vibrantly in this film, is that He is the most loving, compassionate, and wonderful Father you can imagine.”

About Wanderlust Productions

Wanderlust Productions is a video production company focusing on creating content for various media that highlights, informs, and is designed to spiritually stretch our audience.  Created by Darren Wilson, Professor at Judson University, Wanderlust’s focus is on telling stories that inspire and agitate, that are unwavering in their honesty yet are emotionally compelling.  While our content will always be Christian in nature, we are not afraid to explore themes, concepts, or areas that may be considered “risky” by the Christian establishment.  Wanderlust prides itself on its willingness to put the story above the message.  That being said, the message will never waver.  

"Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Against the Tide, Elizabeth Camden

I have a new favorite author! Elizabeth Camden. Wow!  I was drawn in by the beautiful cover and intriguing title – then instantly captivated on the first pages of her book – There is not a minute of the story that you are not begging to know what will happen to Lydia!  A true heroine!  Braving a loss and hardship – pulling herself up – learning several languages, working and earning and saving.  The story has twits and turns – mysteries to be solved – adventures to be had – difficulties to conquer – a perfect weekend read.  The romance part of the book – is slim and slight – just the right amount to pull the characters together to fight for each other. The pull of the agnostic Lydia to want to feel God is powerful – in most stories the whiney leading lady is wishing Christ on her Man – it is the opposite here, strong quiet men show Lydia how to pull through an addiction she doesn’t even recognize. I could go on – I just give this a Two Thumbs Up and know that I will be looking for other titles from Elizabeth Camden. Great, Great read for sure!

Against the TideFrom the Publisher:

Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden

Lydia Pallas has carved out a good life for herself in Boston, where she has landed an enviable position as a translator for the U.S. Navy. When her talents bring her to the attention of the mysterious Alexander Banebridge, he hires her to translate a seemingly innocuous collection of European documents.
    But Lydia soon discovers this job is more than it appears. Bane is driven by a secret campaign to end the opium trade, compelled by his troubled past. When Bane’s enemies gain the upper hand, can Bane and Lydia—and the love growing between them—survive the forces that are conspiring against them?

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for a review on my blog and on a retailer’s site. I ask for books that I think I will enjoy from Bethany House and am free to post my full opinion.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Twice a Bride, Mona Hodgson

Twice a BrideFrom the Publisher: Packed with heart and faith, Twice a Bride will thrill and inspire historical romance readers who love to lose themselves in the untamed beauty of nineteenth-century Colorado.Willow Peterson is at a crossroads. Standing alone over her father's fresh grave, she ponders the question she's seen etched on everyone else's face. Will this loss send her over the edge too, as her husband's death did? She has come back once from the devastating effects of loss, started fresh in Cripple Creek, Colorado, and might find her second chance at love working as a portrait artist for photographer Trenton Van Der Veer. With help of the spirited Sinclair Sisters, can Willow embrace God's plan to overcome her past and provide a home for her?
From Pebblekeeper: I’m not sure that my review is quite fair – taken from the fact that I jumped into Book 4 without reading 1-3. I didn’t see that fact when I choose it.  One of the selling points for the book is that this story can stand alone, but I am not sure I agree.
The first parts of the story feels like being invited to dinner with a friend.  You arrive at the diner thinking that you will be able to really have a cozy chat, but find out that they invited 15 family members and a few townspeople with them.  You get the feeling that the food is going to be amazing, and you will have a bit of time with your friend, but you have to spend a few minutes getting to know the history of each person at the very large table.
On the plus side, I feel like I learned enough that I’d like to go back and read books 1-3, but if this wasn’t a review book, I don’t think I would have read it straight through without starting with book one.
I did enjoy Willow’s journey. I have read a few books about the first women photographers, so this was an interesting take on a woman portrait painter. I would call this story a historical romance, but not necessarily a Historical Fiction.  I don’t quite believe that these characters would have existed in that time. I like the historical fiction that makes me feel as if I’m looking through a journal of a woman who wrote daily entries. Really seeing how her life played out, and how she lived day by day.  I am finding within my own reading preference, that I no longer enjoy books where the whole starting and ending points are in discovering a single man in town and then marrying him. Isn’t there romance and life and leisure and adventure outside of flirting?
So, like I said above, I thought I’d be walking along side this Female Portrait Painter, but her whole family showed up and mostly, we hug out at a soda fountain eating pecan fudge and flirting on dates. You pretty much know from the first chapter where it is going – but I DID enjoy the ride.

Publication History: Trade Paperback Original
  • Twice a Bride (paper original): A Novel by Mona Hodgson
  • On Sale Date: October 2, 2012
  • 9780307730329, 0307730328
  • $13.99/$16.99 Can.
  • Paperback / softback / Trade paperback (US)
  • Fiction / Romance
  • Paperback Original
 "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Over the Edge, Mary Connealy

Over the EdgeOver the Edge by Mary Connealy
The Kincaid Brides #3

From the Publisher: Seth Kincaid survived a fire in a cave, but he hasn't been the same since. Then he fought in the Civil War and returned to Colorado crazier than ever.
Somewhere along the line, it appears Seth got married. Oh, he has a lot of excuses, but his wife isn't too happy to find out Seth doesn't remember her. Seth is willing to make amends. Callie is more interested in shooting him. Can they rekindle their love before one of them goes over the edge?


From Pebblekeeper:

Mystery, Adventure, Family, Villains, Diamonds, Caves – Oh ya – I really enjoyed this story!  I had no idea it was a Book 3 until the final page when I looked for more books available from the author. It definitely stands alone.  I liked the idea that the two involved in the romance part – were already married.  It is fun to walk with these two fireballs as they figure out why they got married in the first place.  I really like Callie – she has a wonderful combination of courage and strength, and yet, traveled from Texas to Colorado to be with her married family.  There is a story line through their discoveries of the caves that I found fascinating.  Mentions of the flood and the wonderment of how the animal fossils came to be lodged in this area of the Rockies. You will not be disappointed with this book – I recommend Over the Edge!

I received this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for reading it and sharing with you!

Brush of Angel’s Wings, Ruth Reid

Publisher’s Book Description

Rachel and Jordan's feelings for each other are hostile at first, but angelic intervention helps the two discover peace . . . and perhaps love.

The youngest and last unmarried of four sisters, Rachel Hartlzer spends most of her time helping with barn chores. Her role abruptly changes when her father hires Jordan Engles, the son he always wanted.

As Jordan takes on brotherly roles around the house, like escorting Rachel to the youth singing, the enmity between the two grows. Besides, Jordan has one foot in the Englisch world and is determined not to get involved with an Amish girl.

Neither realizes that God has sent an angel, Nathaniel, to help mend their hearts. The angel’s intervention helps them find peace and healing in accepting God's will for their lives.

Pebblekeeper’s Review:

This one is a hard review to write – The story of Jordan and Rachel is a good one. Good enough, that I did enjoy reading to the end of the book – and did want to see how their story turned out.

However, there is a huge “Angel” theme throughout the book, which I should have known from the title, but didn’t realize how far it would go. There is an evil angel and a good angel. They have full conversations. The evil angel is intent on the two not getting together and on making sure they are all in sour moods. The good angel keeps thoughts in their heads, flips pages of the bible and is waiting on cue for the characters to call on God so he can directly intervene.

I flipped through many passages of the angel babble.

So – Story wise – it is a pretty great Saturday afternoon read.

Theology wise – it rubbed me the wrong way.  I do believe, because I’ve seen my 11 year old boy get out of scrapes that he should have never come out of alive as if an Angel were holding him up, that there are angels  - but I do not know their direct role in our lives.  I do believe, because the bible makes it clear, that there are evil angels – that we do not fight against flesh and blood but against the rulers of this dark age.

What tripped me up – was the absence of the Holy Spirit or Christ throughout the entire book.  Call on His Name – Jesus Christ.  These characters do not seem to have a personal belief in God or Christ Jesus. Just a head knowledge that one should read the bible, and one should call out to God when trouble comes. 

Many books come across this way – especially Amish – but this one – well, It was just weird having so much angel interaction without any cries to Christ or the Holy Spirit. Seemed a bit to mystical weirdo to me. Like that for a discription?  However, as I said before, it wasn’t enough to make me stop reading the book – which was good.

See how this is hard to explain?

I received this for free from BookSneeze as an eBook in exchange for reading it and sharing it with you. Many of my friends enjoy Angel’s and feel very connected to them. If this is you – you will adore this book!

Friday, August 31, 2012

How Do You Do It? Is Your Answer Faith?

I just closed the last page of the book – The Fourth Fisherman.

First off – since this is a review – before I get into the meat of it – in a world that is cutting corners, publishing cheap books, and pushing towards $.99 e-books, This book is Fantastic. Hard bound with a wonderful finish. Cloth Binding. Thick Linen Pages.  Beautiful Jacket with a description that pulls one in. Gripping the book – it feels like a treasure. Like you should also use the nicer tea cup, use a prettier quilt, nibble better licorice. What you’ll find though, as you grip the pages, is that you are reading a journal, of a personal story, one I invite you to read.

I will let you know that from the first page, the book pulled me in. Don’t start this on a Monday Morning when you have laundry and school work. Save it for when you’ll have the whole day  and the wee hours of the night to finish it.  He once told his story in a church 45 minutes before first service, ended an hour after church was out, and had to come back for 2 hours on another session to finish.  That’s what it will feel like.  He’s telling this insane story. He leaves room at the end to tell how the story developed into the pages you are reading, and the toil and faith it took to get to this point – And that is all of the story I can give you.  I have to let you have your own ride, into this story of lives that will make you ponder if it is fiction or non fiction. It made the media and governments and citizens declare that it was false.  You’ll be hard pressed to believe it – but you will.

I was on page 135 before I needed a book mark – only to take a break to do some mom things.  On page 186 – I had my first post it note –

“For many, the fishermen’s experience is beyond any realm of understanding, and because it doesn’t fit into a compartment we can fathom, we question what is true. When you haven’t experienced the miraculous, it’s hard to get your arms around it. We are pretty wired to the ordinary. That’s sad, because it leads us to dismiss the remarkable, the triumphant, the extraordinary, the supernatural. Those are compartments many of us don’t have. As a result, we dprive ourselves of these dimensions to life.”

My second post it note is in the Epilogue –

“The realization that there was a finite amount of time left for them set in. That happens when death stares at your every day. Making every moment count becomes a lifestyle.”

Joe Kissack told this story many times before writing the book.  People tried to convince him he was The Fourth Fisherman – but he didn’t want the story to be about him. 

As I write this blog – this year – I feel more compelled to bring in more of our faith journey with you. Not just how we learn, the unbelievable environment we live in, or how crazy my boys will be in front of the camera.  When people ask – How do you homeschool high school? I want to say  - Because I have Faith and my Bible.

I don’t hare a lot about my family-  mostly, my hubby’s job has mentioned they don’t want to show up in Social Media. So his name isn’t mentioned.  I see a lot of my hubby in Joe. The hurt.  The relationship with his father. Just this morning, hubby was praying about a hard situation at work. We received an e-mail from a past youth pastor. I read it to him. It was urging us to remember that we are to please God and not Man. That our humbleness will be our guide instead of pride. (You may read it here.) I  identified with Joe’s wife, Carmen.  Joe being the kite, and Carmen holding the string on the ground.  Joe dealing with his ‘stuff’ the only way he knew how and Carmen taking charge of the home and children. It’s hard to relate here – without you having read the book – but the dynamic really spoke to me. Page 211:

“I see desperate hope in the eyes of women who have remained strong for so long that they have forgotten what it’s like to breathe a sigh of relief from it all. I want them to know that God rescues men and brings them back.”

After hearing this crazy story of transformation- redemption – faith – hope – strength – humility – my favorite pages were 208-2011 – hearing a few more personal paragraphs about the people. After turning that last page, I just clung to the book and let the tears fall just a little bit.

I confess, looking into high school – looking into the what ifs for the boys’ futures – wondering daily about employment and transportation and bill money – I have to give it to the Lord. I walk today – by faith and my bible. Claiming what I can do right now, what I have right now, what I know to be true – right. now.  And give the rest to God.  Oh how I want to talk about this story to you – but you’ll have to flip each page on your own – and then call me. Smile





Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books  / WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for reading it and sharing it with you. I am SO glad I did.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Through Rushing Water, Catherine Richmond

From the Publisher:

Sophia has her life all planned out—but her plan didn’t include being jilted or ending up in Dakota Territory.

Sophia Makinoff is certain that 1876 is the year that she’ll become the wife of a certain US Congressman, and happily plans her debut into the Capitol city. But when he proposes to her roommate instead, Sophia is stunned. Hoping to flee her heartache and humiliation, she signs up with the Board of Foreign Missions on a whim.

With dreams of a romantic posting to the Far East, Sophia is dismayed to find she’s being sent to the Ponca Indian Agency in the bleak Dakota Territory. She can’t even run away effectively and begins to wonder how on earth she’ll be able to guide others as a missionary. But teaching the Ponca children provides her with a joy she has never known—and never expected—and ignites in her a passion for the people she’s sent to serve.

It’s a passion shared by the Agency carpenter, WillougIhby Dunn, a man whose integrity and selflessness are unmatched. The Poncas are barely surviving. When U.S. policy decrees that they be uprooted from their land and marched hundreds of miles away in the middle of winter, Sophia and Will wade into rushing waters to fight for their friends, their love, and their destiny.

From Pebblekeeper

I really enjoyed reading Through Rushing Water.  I read it some time back, and forgot to write out a review. This afternoon – I was looking through my Kindle and saw the book there  - and started reading.  I was taken back to Sophia’s shock when she realized it would not be her that would be the congressman’s wife. I was quickly swept to her decision to not go to China – but to the Dakota Territory and quickly realized I had read this fine story before.  It is such a great read – that I will continue this evening, and re-walk her journey with the Ponca People.  I really loved her relationship with the people, and her struggles as she grows and matures as a young lady.  Her prayer book always just out of hand when she needs it most, she learns how to communicate with Christ in her own words.  How many of us rely on resources and tools to be able to communicate with our Lord? Strange that the author was so honest with this missionary character – letting her be walking out of duty and distance, and the joy of growing with her as she develops her own walk.  This is well worth the purchase – reads well on the kindle, a light read, but a heart felt story.  Wonderful Historical Fiction.

I received a copy of this book for free from BookSneeze as a part of their book review team in exchange for an honest review.


Through Rushing Water

By Catherine Richmond
Published by Thomas Nelson

From the Library of C.S. Lewis


From the Library of C. S. LewisI heard a phrase recently - "Do you want to learn from a great man, or from the sources from which the great man learned?"  I am speaking about C.S. Lewis.  Many people read the works that he wrote and recommend them. Now there is a book available to read "Selections from Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey" compiled by James Stuart Bell and Anthony P Dawson called "From the Library of C.S. Lewis".

Sections of the books help a reader see inside different areas such as page 55, Chapter 4, I Will Seek You, Knowing God.  Sir Thomas Aquinas, John Donne, Richard Hooker, Edward Young, George Herbert, Dorothy Sayers, Saint Augustine, George McDonald, Beowulf, Anicius Boethius and Thomas Traherne share short thoughts of knowing God.

I must confess that I have not read the book in entirety – as it is summer and we have been in the water just about every day – however, I have it on my side table next to my chair and read tid bits here and there and look forward to reading it this winter when the storms come.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book from Waterbrook Multnomah  / Blogging For Books, in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Deposit Slip, Todd M. Johnson

Wow! What a ride! 

It has been a long time since I’ve read a legal thriller.  Am I GLAD that I took a chance on this book!  The Deposit Slip starts quickly as Erin looks through her father’s safety deposit box and finds a Deposit Slip for over 10 million dollars.  A small town farmer – where would this have come from.  The bank is refusing to acknowledge the receipt, and the more that Erin looks into the matter, the more harm comes to her farm. People in town are not talking – and blame her for even wanting to pull 10 million dollars from the town bank.  I’ll save the story for you to read, each page builds on it’s characters, broadens the story, piece by piece – I LOVED it! 

Although there is a part in the beginning where you might think there is a cross with a romance fiction – that is not the case. You do get to hear what the attorney thinks of his client and legal assistant, but that is never the focus of the story – once you know how he feels, the story moves on. I really enjoyed that part – just enough for us to know about the characters, but this story is all about the case – and not about romance.

Very Well Written, I already have it loaned out to the next person to read it – and it will be my ‘must read’ recommendation for the rest of the summer!


I received a free copy of The Deposit Slip from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

The Deposit SlipThe Deposit Slip by Todd M. Johnson
Erin Larson is running out of options. In the wake of her father’s death, she found a deposit slip for an unbelievable ten million dollars. But the bank claims it has no record of the deposit and stonewalls her attempts to find out more. Her lawsuit only leads to intimidation and threats.
Lawyer Jared Neaton is her last chance. But when digging deeper unleashes something far more dangerous than threats, they will both have to decide how far they are willing to go to discover the truth.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Fiddler, Beverly Lewis–a review

FiddlerThe Fiddler by Beverly Lewis
Home to Hickory Hollow

A wrong turn in a rainstorm leads Englisher Amelia Devries to Michael Hostetler--and the young Amishman's charming Old Order community of Hickory Hollow. Despite their very different backgrounds, Amelia and Michael both feel hemmed in by the expectations of others and struggle with how to find room for their own hopes. And what first seems to be a chance encounter might just change their lives forever.


I was drawn in quickly to the story – Amelia’s story captivated me. Character built up on character, all believable – all feeling like friends. People you would want to know and hang out with. And that’s the key for me in  a story – do I want to join them in their daily lives – for The Fiddler – I say yes. I felt like Beverly showed balance in the families, both English and Amish, of the expectations given by parents, the disappointments when legacies are not lived out, and the mercy and grace to live your life for the Lord. If you are looking for an encouraging time in a fictional book – I highly recommend The Fiddler.

I received a free hard copy from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for reading the book and sharing it with you.  I do highly enjoy Beverly Lewis and Bethany House, however, I am encouraged to share with you even if I really dislike the story.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What is your child’s Love Language?

I was able to review A Perfect Pet for Peyton and The 5 Love Languages of Children this past month. I have read books from Gary Chapman before, and was excited to have the Children’s books. 

A Perfect Pet for Peyton did not hold appeal to the boys, but it was a good read for me. It is good to watch these children through their day, and see how they choose this over that, delight in this action over that, and choose to do this action over that. Seeing it through the eyes of these children, should help you as parent to see your own child.

The 5 Love Languages of Children – to me – is a must read for parents.  Or, at least any of the books by Chapman.  Learning about Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts and Acts of Service is essential in learning how to show love to your child, and your spouse.  You may be financially able to shower your child with gifts, when all they want is a few moments playing with the ones they already have together. You may spent time making their rooms straight, volunteering at their gatherings and preparing their favorite dinners – when what they really want is a few sentences affirming their worth, and their achievement, or encouragement.

I found for me, with my boys and my spouse, that if I’m trying to engage in the wrong language, I’ll get bent out of shape personally.  Thoughts of ‘Why don’t they appreciate what I do?’ come to mind. Each son and my spouse have different combinations of a Love Language. Mine personally are Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service.  If someone says a nice word and washes the dishes, I’m theirs, full heartedly. I don’t need a lot of time, touch or gifts. Gifts is probably  my least language. I’m not a stuff person, I’m a saver, and I feel awkward.  Buying my son a funny straw will give him warm cheeks for the day. It’s good to know. It’s good to nurture. And, with A Perfect Pet for Payton, it is very important that the boys know what their languages are. So they can speak it out, and realize what makes them happy and loved. 

If you have not read these books – I highly recommend them!

PerfectPetforPeyton3Dn_245pxAbout A Perfect Pet for Peyton

This wonderfully imaginative children’s hardcover book by bestselling authors Gary Chapman and Rick Osborne, featuring four-color illustrations (with hidden details!) by Wilson Williams, Jr., will help children learn the importance of love. Based on Gary’s highly successful The 5 Love Languages®, A Perfect Pet for Peyton tells an entertaining and playful story of five children who each, with the help of Mr. Chapman and the unique pets at his special emporium, discover their own personal love language. Children and parents alike will experience firsthand the power of the love languages as they cuddle up and spend precious time together reading this book over and over again.


About The 5 Love Languages of Children

To be their best, children need to feel loved. But if you and your child speak different love languages, your affection might get lost in translation, affecting the child’s attitude, behavior, and development. Dr. Gary Chapman’s groundbreaking Five Love Languages series has helped millions of couples communicate love more clearly, and Dr. Ross Campbell M.D. has applied the innovative system to children as well. The 5 Love Languages of Children gives practical suggestions for learning how your children interpret love and creating a sense of security in which they can thrive.


“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Covenant Child–Terri Blackstock, a Review


Amanda’s heart broke as she watched them drive her beloved twins away. She resolved to hope . . . and to fight for them to her last breath.

Kara and Lizzie are heiresses to one of the largest fortunes in the country. But when their father dies suddenly, the toddlers are ripped from the arms of Amanda, their loving stepmother, and given to their maternal grandparents, who only want the children’s fortune for themselves.

While even the stipend their guardians get for supporting them is squandered, the children are left to raise themselves. Kara and Lizzie grow up believing they are worthless . . . until the day when they learn the truth.

I really enjoyed this book – I was pulled in by the other reviews – and then hooked on the first page. It is one of those books that I read while stirring pasta, at red lights, and put off laundry to get through. A very quick one day read.  I loved hearing the story  of Amanda meeting the girl’s father. Of their sweet short lived childhood, and of their separation. After falling in love with the characters, it was painful to read of their growing up years. Seeing the choices the girls made, and what they went through – how they would choose harm instead of safety. But as this is a story about covenant, I can see their path in my life so many times, when I’ve chosen the easy, what seemed easy to me, instead of what I thought was hard, just to find out my own perception was wrong, This is an inspiring story to the last page. It is raw. These girls go down some dark paths on their way to redemption and trust and forgiveness. It would depend on the teen  - and their path – if I would recommend it to an older teen. I think it will tug at any heart who has spent their young twenties running from the Lord – or running from a loving family – It’s a great story – all the way around. Well Done Terri!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where Lilacs Still Bloom, a book for my Nature Lovin’ Bloggers

Have I ever mentioned that Jane Kirkpatrick is my number one favorite writer? And not just because she’s friends with my high school volley ball coach. And not because she moved from her homestead to Bend, Oregon. And not just because I got to listen to her speak a time or two in Central Oregon. But because she is a fascinating historian and story teller.

Where Lilacs Bloom is a great example of how it starts.  Someone knows of a really great story, about a woman, who did things no one did at the time.  They give the information bit by bit to Jane, until she’s hooked and passionate about it, and then she feeds us the passion. One thing that makes a great read for me, is when my eyes are opened to something I did not know previously, when it sparks passion in my own heart, when it makes me want to learn more about the area or person, and when I’ve left the book feeling like I’ve gained wisdom or insight from reading and learning about the story. I’ve visited towns and museums mentioned in her books. I’ve met a few of the people mentioned as well. Thrilling.

This book – Where Lilacs Still Bloom – Weaves a tale of a woman who loved to garden. But not just gardening, horticulture.  She had challenging goals of finding a sweeter crisper apple, deepening the color of a daffodil, and creating a white lilac with seven petals – to name a few.  This was during a time when man really wasn’t encouraged to change what God had created. Especially during a time when women needed to be baking bread and mending socks.

I really enjoyed a quote on page 41: “I was doing something simple housewives didn’t do and, even more salacious, taking pleasure in it.”  This is how I feel as a photographer and blogger.  I feel the sting from other ladies as well as men, as they try to judge my time online. Judge my time as a homeschool mom. Wonder about how much time the boys and I enjoy nature. But I know that these passions must be pursued. I know that I still can have a delicious meal on the table, the laundry sorted, the math work done, and have a wonderful time in the canoe taking photos of birds in the morning after Facebook time with my online gal pals.

So many of my friends that do support my time outside with a camera – question the amount of time spent, giving excuses of why they lack the time or desire. I enjoyed what Jane wrote on page 78: “Beauty matters, Bertha; it does.  God gave us flowers for a reason. I think so we’d pay attention to the details of creation and remember to trust Him in all things big or little, no matter what the challenge.  Flowers remind us to put away fear, to stop our rushing and running and worrying about this and that, and for a moment have a piece of paradise right here on earth.” I can’t tell you how the Lord speaks to me through my gardening. I have not done a lot of it these past two years, just upkeep, but the morning lessons – of planning and planting. Weeding and watering. Harvesting and preserving. Seeing the cycle continue each year. The unexpected among the faithful fruits.

I enjoyed following Mrs. Klager from her youth to her passing. Of watching a life lived out, the sweet, painful, triumphant, celebrated life. I lead a pretty open life online, and in real life. Especially in our home now, which is a retreat to many, my policy is to keep the door open to visitors, whoever comes and needs rest will find it. Mrs. Klager had the same idea of whoever wanted to visit could come. Sometimes it is hard, the people who come and go. The moving with Darren’s job is hard, and I feel the loss of friends who drift as circumstances change, which brings me to my third favorite quote from the book:

Page 303: “The years passed like a good story, swiftly, full of momentum and change, characters coming in to warm us, set us straight, drifting in and out of our lives but knowing they were part of the story line, hoping it wouldn’t end but taking us there anyway.”

If you are looking to really dig deep – into a great book – I suggest anything written by Jane Kirkpatrick. My favorite, of course, would be A Gathering of Finches, a wonderful historical fiction of my home town/area of Coos County.  Even with all of the historical information I knew of our great town, I never ‘met’ the grandparents of my friends so closely as in this book.  Or Homestead, Jane’s own non fiction of her home in Eastern Oregon. Or another favorite of a Portrait of the Heart series learning of a young woman breaking into the mans world of photography, or her books about Aurora, in the Change and Cherish series.

And if you ever get a chance to attend a book signing, you will leave feeling fuller than when you came. The ones I’ve attended have felt like a mini retreat. The wisdom and grace and humility – I could go on – but this is a review about a book –but then, aren’t books an extension of the person who writes them? Jane’s stories are books worth purchasing. You’ll want to pass it along, or build a great bookshelf – I highly recommend them!

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    I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    The Forgiven Duke, A Giveway and Review

    Forgiven DukeThe Forgiven Duke by Jamie Carie
    (releases July 2012)


    This is the Second book in a Three book series.  The first , The Guardian Duke, took a bit for me to jump into, possibly because my schedule was incredibly full during that time. Yet, once I got into it, it was a very interesting quick read. I had read other places that they are sad that this is a 3 part book, that the second of a series is seldom necessary.  I couldn’t agree less! This book picks up from the page of the last, she wastes little time re-introducing the story, and we are off traveling the world on the adventure of finding Alexandria’s parents. Already familiar with the characters and their desires and quirks, the reader is just there for the ride.  She keeps enough turns in the storyline to where you never really ‘figure out how it will end’. I loaned a copy of The Guardian Duke to a young friend and she finished it in an evening. It was the same day I started The Forgotten Duke, and I finished it in less than 24 hours.  Now, I am on the edge of my seat to see what happens next.  As these characters are all treasure hunters, it would be my desire to have many more adventures. My heart is both anticipating the third installment, and sad that I might then see Alexandria go .  . . .

    Spoiler: I will give a disclaimer to young readers for this book – Alexandria strings along a young man, pretending to be betrothed to him, so that she may travel.  There is a point in the story where the young man may or may not have taken advantage of her. In the text, she drinks a tea that puts her to sleep. She wakes up in her gown, and the young man is not clothed, although there is no physical description of his body. There is tension in the story line as to whether or not Alexandria might be with child.  Knowing this, I think it would be a good talking point of a mom with her daughter, to explain trusting a guardian. Trusting those around you. Asking for help. And Never. Never promise yourself to a young man whom you are not intending to give heart soul and body. I do not think liberties were taken to make any part of this story sensual at all – but I think Parents should be aware that a “rape” scene is there, no matter how little words were used.

    About the Book:

    Tethered by her impulsive promise to marry Lord John Lemon - the path of least resistance - Alexandria Featherstone sets off toward Iceland in search of her parents with a leaden heart. A glimpse of her guardian, the Duke of St. Easton - the path less traveled by - on Dublin’s shore still haunts her.

    Will he come after her? Will he drag her back to London, quelling her mission to rescue her treasure-seeking parents, or might he decide to throw caution to the wind and choose Foy Pour Devoir: “Faith for Duty,” the St. Easton motto. The Featherstone motto Valens et Volens: “Willing and Able,” beats in her heart and thrums through her veins. She will find her parents and find their love, no matter the cost.

    The powerful yet wing-clipped Duke of St. Easton has never known the challenge that has become his life since hearing his ward’s name. Alexandria Featherstone will be the life or the death of him. Only time and God’s plan will reveal just how much this man can endure for the prize of love.

    About the Author:

    When she was six, Jamie’s parents met Jesus and soon after started a church. It changed everything.

    Road trips with her dad—to and from Bible studies across Indiana—were filled with talks of things beyond earth’s bounds – creation and the fall, God and Jesus and the rapture, the earthly walk compared to the spiritual walk, and how we are born for more than what we can see or touch.

    The highlight of those nights was stopping at a truck stop in the middle of the night where her dad would spend a little of the offering basket on two slices of pie and a couple of Cokes. Nothing ever felt so special as a middle of the night slice of pie with her dad. And nothing could stop the writing pouring out of her.

    As Jamie’s relationship with God grew, she discovered her heart was filled with songs and poetry. During high school she wrote lyrics for her brother’s band. (And she sang them too!) After college, Jamie married, had two sons and decided to stay home with them. While she homeschooled she wrote skits, poems, plays and short stories for school and church.

    When her eldest son turned five she dove into the world of novels. She’d read romance novels for years, but couldn’t relate to the flawless, saintly heroines in Christian romance novels. So she decided to write her own.

    Snow Angel was born on a frosty night in an old farmhouse in Fishers, Indiana, where the cold floor gave plenty of motivation for the snow scene. Jamie loves to write late at night when the house is quiet and the darkness seems alive. Elizabeth and Noah had been playacting in her head for a long time, so the story went fast.

    Ten years later Snow Angel was published and won the ForeWord magazine Romance Book of the Year winner, was a National “Best Books 2007” Awards winner, and a 2008 RITA Awards® Best First Book finalist. It was the beginning of her dream career.

    Jamie and her husband Tony have been married for twenty-one years and live in Indianapolis with their three sons and a giant of a dog named Leo.

    If she could only say one thing to her readers it would be, “Live the dreams God has destined you for!”

    “Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

    Leave a comment to be entered to win a free copy of The Forgiven Duke!

    Friday, March 30, 2012

    The Secret Path of Destiny, M.B. Tosi

    The Secret Path of Destiny

    By M.B. Tosi
    Published by WestBow Press

    In The Secret Path of Destiny, a young, disabled, German-American girl, named Isolde, and her destitute mother reach out for a lifeline being offered by a widower in the German town of Fredericksburg, Texas. The year is 1865, and the two travel from New York City through the aftermath of the Civil War. But another war is brewing, this time with Native Americans, and Isolde and her mother are heading right into the heart of Comancheria, the homeland of the Comanche. It is not the Comanche Isolde fears, but her mother’s new employer, who becomes her stepfather. Isolde realizes he is a cunning man who is not who he pretends to be. As the situation worsens, Isolde is forced to make a life-changing decision to escape; desperate, she seeks refuge with a Comanche Indian, who befriends her at first, but later joins a warring band of Comanche. Her malevolent stepfather pursues her across Texas, turning her life upside down. Eventually, Isolde accepts the difficult circumstances of her life and realizes that a person’s destiny is often hidden from view because the path is sometimes rocky.

    “Just about anyone can write a book, but only a good writer can write a good book. M. B. Tosi is a very good writer, and her books are truly worth reading.” —Jim Langford, author of The Spirit of Notre Dame andQuotable Notre Dame

    From Pebblekeeper:

    I was interested in this book because of the Fredericksburg / German / Native references.  My husband’s family still resides in that area, and were German Immigrants.  My Mother in Law is a Native American that married a German. I was interested in learning the German/ Native combination. I was not disappointed! However, at times, I did feel like I was reading two books side by side. The Historical Fiction part of the book is some of the best I’ve ever read. Informative, accurate, detailed – and completely spell binding.   Then we would switch to the story based in the 1860’s-80’s, and I didn’t feel like the same connection to historical truth. The vocabulary, the way they spoke to each other, some of the reactions of this young 16 year old girl, the detachment of the mother, left me scratching my head.  However, that said, this was a book I just could not put down. I read it at stop lights, at the grocery store parking lot, at an event, and then all night long. It was a less than 24 hour read.  Even though it has a romantic interest, they come together very quickly in the book – and story never really lets you know what the ending point will be – where will these characters go? You get to really be involved with all of the characters, rooting for the villains and the heroes. I can’t wait to check out the first book in the series.  I really enjoyed, especially the later part of the book – where she intertwined her faith, in God and Jesus, with the Great Spirit, and her desire that all men know forgiveness, grace and healing – and above all the Son of God. Well Done.

    I received this book for for free in exchange for my review from BookSneeze.

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    “Stand by Me”, Neta Jackson


    Sometimes the person you most need is the one least like you.

    Kathryn Davies is a bright young woman from a prominent Phoenix family. But after making a leap of faith at a Christian music fest, dropping out of med school, and moving to inner city Chicago, her family has all but disowned her. Kat’s enthusiasm for her newfound faith tempers the sting of their rejection.

    When Kat discovers SouledOut Community Church, she longs to become a part of the multi-cultural church family. But her tendency to say whatever she’s thinking and her eccentric ways step on the toes of nearly everyone she meets—especially Avis Douglass, a woman she admires but who seems distant.

    Avis is known for her mature faith and her reliance on listening to God more than people. Married to a kind and successful businessman, she is the principal of one of Chicago’s highest performing elementary schools, and a founding and active member of SouledOut. But the country’s economic downturn has thrown both her and her husband’s jobs in question. And Avis hasn’t heard from her youngest daughter in months—an estrangement that gnaws at her every day. Where is God in all this?

    Kat’s flamboyant zeal for living a “radical” Christian life is a stark contrast to Avis’s quiet crisis of faith. But in God’s own mysterious ways, the two women discover they need each other in ways neither of them expected.

    From Angie -

    I enjoyed the idea and start of the book – but had a hard time digging into it. If you have been a past reader of the Yada Yada Prayer Group – then this will be right up your alley.  I have not read those books, and am unfamiliar with the characters.  I received this book for free in exchange for a review from Booksneeze.  I am going to keep this on tucked into my Kindle, and pull it out again this summer and see if my opinion changes.  It just hasn’t hit a chord with me this winter.

    Wednesday, March 7, 2012

    The Scent of Cherry Blossoms, Book Review

    From the Publisher: Annie Martin loves the Plain ways of her Old Order Mennonite people, like those revered by her beloved grandfather. Retreating from a contentious relationship with her mother, Annie goes to live with her Daadi Moses in Apple Ridge.

    But as spring moves into Pennsylvania and Annie spends time amongst the cherry trees with the handsome Aden Zook, she wishes she could forget how deeply the lines between the Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonite are drawn.

    Can Annie and Aden find a place for their love to bloom in the midst of the brewing storm? To Read More Go Here>>

    From Pebblekeeper:  This was a pretty quick read for me.  The book, a hard cover with a beautiful jacket came from Blogging for Books for free for my review. My first impression was how beautiful it was and how good it felt in the hand. This would make a beautiful gift this spring for Easter, Mother’s Day or a Summer Birthday for a friend. It is a quick Novella – one quickly meets the characters – and can jump into their lives. For me personally, I am a bit tired of the “forbidden” love stories, where one member has to turn on everything they’ve ever known, be separated from blood family – just to pursue a ‘true love’. I would pray that my boys will never have to choose between our family and a girl. I enjoy Cindy Woodsmall as a writer and encourager and do enjoy her stories. I look forward to the next one too!

    Monday, February 13, 2012

    The Devil in Pew Number Seven, Rebecca Nichols Alonzo

    List Price: 14.99
    ISBN: 978-1-4143-2659-7
    Trim Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4
    Binding:  Softcover
    Release:  August 2010 

    2011 Retailers Choice Award winner!
    Rebecca never felt safe as a child. In 1969, her father, Robert Nichols, moved to Sellerstown, North Carolina, to serve as a pastor. There he found a small community eager to welcome him—with one exception. Glaring at him from pew number seven was a man obsessed with controlling the church. Determined to get rid of anyone who stood in his way, he unleashed a plan of terror that was more devastating and violent than the Nichols family could have ever imagined. Refusing to be driven away by acts of intimidation, Rebecca’s father stood his ground until one night when an armed man walked into the family’s kitchen . . . And Rebecca’s life was shattered. If anyone had a reason to harbor hatred and seek personal revenge, it would be Rebecca. Yet The Devil in Pew Number Seven tells a different story. It is the amazing true saga of relentless persecution, one family’s faith and courage in the face of it, and a daughter whose parents taught her the power of forgiveness.

    From Angie:

    Although I sped through the last 3/4’s of the book on the edge of my seat, the first 1/4 was a little bit hard to jump into. However, it is necessary.  To listen to the author recount the vivid details of her childhood – riveting! It is hard to imagine that this is a Non Fiction book! It is hard to write a review, without giving details of the book away! I will say – the restoration of forgiveness – what she went through – her heart in telling the story-  it is definitely a must read.  You can sort of tell the part of the book where she, as a writer, really kicks it up a notch and the words must have just been flowing. From the summary above, I’m not sure I was breathing from the moment the man stepped into the kitchen, until the last page. I have so many questions. I finished just before leaving for church on Sunday – but I wanted to stay – to find Rebecca’s number to call her, to talk to SOMEONE who has read this book!

    Life is Hard, but God is Good.  You’ll definitely be repeating that after this book. You might look at how you stand, ready to Give Yourself, even when others are saying you’re being taken. I am encouraged to stand, speak and give just a bit more each day. Thank you to Rebecca’s Parents.

    Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    Beauty for Ashes, Dorothy Love

    Book Description

    She’s a beautiful young widow. He’s a Southern gentleman with a thirst for adventure. Both need a place to call home.

    After losing her husband in the Civil War, Carrie Daly is scared she will never have the family she longs for. Eligible bachelors are scarce in Hickory Ridge, Tennessee, but Carrie Daly has found love. Not the weak-in-the-knees kind, but something practical. Still, she isn't quite ready to set a wedding date with Nate Chastain.

    Griff Rutledge is a former member of Charleston society, but has been estranged from his family for years. He’s determined to remain unattached, never settling in one place for too long. But when asked to train a Thoroughbred for an upcoming race in Hickory Ridge, he decides to stay awhile.

    Despite objections from the townsfolk, and her fear that true happiness has eluded her, Carrie is drawn to Griff's kindness and charm. It will take a leap of faith for them to open their hearts and claim God's promise to trade beauty for ashes.

    From Angie – I really enjoyed this book!  I read it on the iPod in 2 days, finding time between home duties. The book is so rich in characters. I felt that I met the whole entire town!  I understand that this is a Book 2 of her Ridge series, but I had not read the first one, and I had no idea until the end that this was a book 2.  I am at the edge of my seat to see what happens in Book 3. I enjoyed the weave of horses, farming, town life, the late 1800’s setting, without it being “Amish” or about religion. She does have her grandmothers quotes readily in her mind to urge her back to the Lord, it was a balanced mixture of family, friendships, hardships, and love.  I recommend this book.

    I received this book for free from BookSneeze in exchange for reading it and sharing it with you!

    Monday, January 30, 2012

    When the Soul Mends, Cindy Woodsmall

    From the Publisher:

    Returning to the home she fled in disgrace, will Hannah find healing for the wounds of the past?
    After receiving a desperate and confusing call from her sister, Hannah Lapp reluctantly returns to the Old Order Amish community of her Pennsylvania childhood.
    Having fled in disgrace more than two years earlier, she finally has settled into a satisfying role in theEnglischer world. She also has found love and a new family with the wealthy Martin Palmer and the children she is helping him raise. But almost immediately after her arrival in Owl’s Perch, the disapproval of those who ostracized her, including her headstrong father, reopens old wounds.
    As Hannah is thrown together with former fiancĂ© Paul Waddell to work for her sister Sarah’s mental health, hidden truths surface about events during Hannah’s absence, and she faces an agonizing decision. Will she choose the Englischer world and the man who restored her hope, or will she heed the call to return to the Plain Life–and perhaps to her first love?
    When the Soul Mends is the third and final book in the Sisters of the Quilt series.

    Would you like to read an Excerpt from Chapter 1?

    I have enjoyed all three books from the Sisters of the Quilt series.  This book is from 2008 – it is not a new installment in the series.  I enjoy series that have a wonderful wrap up – a sense of closure.  I do so enjoy when you  follow a character that made decisions based on their perception of what happened, but then they get to see that they had the facts out of order.  Cindy Woodsmall is one of my top favorite authors, and I am truly enjoy an afternoon wrapped in a quilt while being transported into the lives that she creates. 

    I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

    Click Here To Buy

    Daily Gifts of Grace–A Review

    Women of Faith speakers share insight, advice, laughter, and maybe even a few tears in this daily devotional. Voices from fiction, recognizable names from Christian conferences, and well-known Christian writers also are included.

    Daily Gifts of Grace is a daily devotional designed specifically for women, with a beautiful hardbound case and a magnetic closure. Readers will be pleased to open it for a devotion that will help them face the day or for an inspirational devotion to close the day.

    Contributors include Joni Eareckson Tada, Lisa Whelchel, Jenna Lucado, Sheila Walsh, Kim Cash Tate, Patsy Clairmont, Natalie Grant, Lisa Harper, and others.

    What the photo doesn’t show, is that the curved mark on the cover, is actually a magnetized flap. This is a hard bound beautifully artistic book with a ribbon bookmark in pale yellow. The inside book cover paper is a beautiful pale green. The pages are not quite glossy, but not flat, and easy to read.

    From one who has enjoyed the Women of Faith events, it feels like opening a gift, and sitting down to tea in a more personal way with my favorite encouragers. I keep a notebook next to my bible and write down thoughts as I study the word. It feels like Women of Faith asked these gals to submit a few of those private entries for us to enjoy.

    I enjoy my mornings in the Word, digging deep in study – although these start out with a Bible verse for direction – this is more like the Daily Bread entries for ladies, and I really enjoy the little Daily Bread quarterlies.

    This would make a beautiful gift for a Sunday School Teacher, Friend, someone in the Hospital, anyone needing encouragement, a new mom with little time for the Word, or, just a pick me up for yourself!

    I received a free physical copy of this book from BookSneeze, in exchange for using the book and writing a review on my blog.

    Thursday, January 26, 2012

    I Love Your Presence–Vineyard Music–A Review

    I Love Your Presence - Live from Phoenix, Vineyard Worship



    This weekend our Worship Team is at a retreat in Cannon Beach – a Vineyard Worship Retreat.  I am so excited for them.  Also this week – I received ‘I Love Your Presence’ to review.  I kept it on my two iPods and laptop, and listened as I had time.  Today, I had a block of alone time, so I just turned it up and let it rip as I quietly went through my tasks in my home.  Compared to the last album, ‘Furious’ this one has a completely different flavor.  Slower. Quieter. I might call it a Lingering.  There are more female led songs – which I enjoyed, sometimes the octaves following the boys is hard for me. This gathering of worship songs seemed so personal.  I think it is why it was easier to listen to when I was alone. I could picture these songs on a Wednesday  night – one after the other – for over an hour, as we indulge our selves by stopping our pace, seeking his faith – being thankful to the King.  I highly recommend it!

    I was given a copy of this to give away  - and I am taking a departure from the contest – and in honor of the retreat this week – I am gifting it to a member of our Vineyard Worship Team.

    About 'I Love Your Presence':

    LOVE OF GOD was recorded live at the Burn Bright: Worship and The Kingdom Of God conference, hosted by Vineyard Worship. Several hundred worship leaders and worshippers gathered in the Arizona desert to explore the nature of God’s kingdom through music and teaching with some of the Vineyard’s most gifted communicators and musicians. This inspiring collection of songs recorded live at the The Vineyard Church North Phoenix will immerse listeners in the powerful worship that was the highlight of the event. LOVE OF GOD reminds us to not just think of worship as singing songs, but also laying down our lives for Him. 

    "Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I  only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255:"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    A Mile in His Shoes–Movie Review–and Giveaway


    From the director of "Angels In the Outfield" comes an inspiring story about a special boy with an amazing gift, and the coach who believed. Dean Cain and Luke Schroder star in the gmc movie based on the book "The Legend of Mickey Tussler".


    "A Mile in His Shoes" is the story of Mickey Tussler, a young man with Asperger's Syndrome--a type of autism--who is recruited by a passionate coach to pitch for his minor league team. The story centers on Arthur Murphy, who coaches a semi-pro baseball team out of a small country town in Ohio. The team he is coaching is starting another losing season, and Murphy is getting pressure from the owner for the team to improve or suffer the consequences. So Murphy is sent on a scouting trip to bring talent to the team. By chance, on his way to scout, his car breaks down and Murphy meets a young autistic country boy named Mickey Tussler. Murphy sees Mickey throwing some apples, and spies Mickey's arm as talent. So, Murphy persuades Mickey's overly protective father to let Mickey come to Clayton Ohio and have a tryout. Once in Clayton, Mickey proves his talent, and becomes well liked. However, Lefty, another pitcher on the team dislikes him; jealousy. In the end there is a final showdown between the two rivals and beforehand Murphy persuades Clarence to let his son play again.

    From Petra School:

    I am quite pleased to introduce you to the film – A Walk in His Shoes.  I sat at the edge of my seat watching this young man’s life change – watching a sheltered boy use the strengths he had to become a man. My heart would clinch as the young man would be exposed to life with his team mates. I think the film was well done. It held the attention of my boys. It is a good family film, that I think any of my readers would enjoy. 

    I have been given the opportunity to give one copy away – comment on the blog, and we will pick one winner to receive their own copy of the DVD.




    “Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”