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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love Food & Live Well, Chantel Hobbs

I was excited to read Love Food & Live Well - I am recently recovered from a 5 month illness and really wanted to be encouraged in my kick start to healthier eating. However, this was not the book for that. It was a quick read. Chantel Hobbs wants to let us know that she lost 200 lbs - but since she doesn't want to dwell on the pain of the past - she doesn't really tell us how she did it. It is more of a Don't Eat the Whole Bag of Chips or Cookies, Save some for Next Week sort of advice. Her actual food section is about 6 pages long, 2 recipes each for each meal, mediteranian style. That's helpful. She did give a few workout photos on a bounce ball - that I might use if I get a ball.
If you have never looked into the food issues at all, and this is your first look at how food can entice you - maybe you might like this book. For the "Author of Never Say Diet", she sure does use that word alot in this book. It seems to be a collection of blog posts, or journal entries, of how much she likes her new body, her new fame, her new job promoting her fame, and how you too, could - I'm not sure. Love food? I really really love food already.

Chantel Hobbs, Love Food & Live Well
$19.99/$22.99 Can
Diet / Health

WaterBrook Press
217 Pages, Easy Read

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from Blogging for Books. I will donate this book to the Deschutes Public Library.

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