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Monday, June 6, 2011

Plain Wisdom, Cindy Woodsmall & Miriam Flaud

An Invitation

into An Amish Home

and the Hearts of Two Women

Cindy Woodsmall captured my heart and attention as a great Amish Fiction writer with the Sisters of the Quilt series, When the Heart Cries, When the Morning Comes and  When the Soul Mends. She has written other Amish Fiction stories as well -

She has a voice that captures the heart of the Old Order Amish Community – sharing their day, recipes, friendships – that tells of one who has lived among them.

In Plain Wisdom – you get to hear how that journey started – with the written notes of friendship between Old Order Amish mother Miriam Flaud and Cindy Woodsmall. Their friendship started through the written word, and was sealed through numerous visits to the Flaud home.

Miriam mailed her entries to this book to Cindy’s home, and they worked together to get the text written.

It is a book of encouragement. First – it shows how two moms, who love the Lord, who serve as wives and mothers – can be so utterly alike and so plainly different all in one sentence. To see the common ground that brought these two together is breathtaking.

While reading the book, I found that I enjoyed the style of Miriam’s writing – and will hope to imitate some of her writing style in my own blog.

If you enjoy Cindy’s books – if you enjoy Amish Literature – you WILL enjoy this great read. Each chapter is its own mini essay of sorts, with both voices, and may need time to digest, encourage, exhort and admonish at times. It took me quite a few mornings and afternoons to soak in the wisdom given in this book. Thank you to Cindy and Miriam for taking the time to combine your efforts. And thank you to the Flaud family for allowing your Miriam – to step out – in humility and wisdom to encourage us moms. Thank you to Cindy for the courage and finances that it must have taken to pull off all of the trips and the asking Miriam to write it down. Oh how I wish we could hear those conversations over the dinner table. I am sure that what we read here, is just a fraction of what she has shared with you over the past few years. Thank you.

I received a free copy of Plain Wisdom from the Waterbrook Multnomah program Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review upon completion of reading the book on my blog, their site and a retailer such as Amazon.

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