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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Lightkeeper's Ball

I have been reading this book for the past 12 hours along with my daily activities. I downloaded this book to my ibook G4 Adobe Digital Editions to read. I could not close my iBook! I had to keep charging my battery to keep up with the book. I quickly liked the players and the descriptions of the homes and activities. I did slightly tire of the theme of Should I tell, Should I not tell, but the author weaved the fear of telling to the last page. Secrets, Friendships, Mysteries - turn and twist until the last word. Great adventure and historical fiction as well.

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I was given a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review.

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  1. Thanks for the review and recommendation. I chose Galileo for my next book...didn't see this one when I was choosing :( Perhaps another time :)