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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Winnowing Season, Cindy Woodsmall, a Review

Winnowing Season by Cindy WoodsmalI just finished reading The Winnowing season by Cindy Woodsmall. This is a part 2 of a Trilogy, and I had not read part 1. I knew from Cindy’s other books that this would not be a problem. I think that is why I love her books. Each can stand alone, but when you start reading, it’s like you are catching up with an old friend.

I enjoyed the struggle that the characters went through, and the development of each one. There are enough characters and situations that you don’t feel like you are following one story line. Three main characters each have their own struggle, with a few extra side story lines to help thicken the story. A strong love triangle mixes through this series, and I enjoyed the journey. Outside of that triangle, this story is set in current day following a group of people who want a new fresh start. They are willing to be pilgrims of sorts, travel to Maine, purchase an 80 acre apple orchard, and use each of their skills to restore the orchard, properties, and livestock. Their hope it to start a new area to live in, with a few other families making plans to join them. They meet some fun characters that live in the town, and interact with the English quite  bit. This is more about their moving, hard work in the Orchard, organic farming, and trying to take care of their pasts than a simple Amish home based story. The parents play a limited role, no grandparents are mentioned, Shoe Fly Pie, Root Beer and Creamed Celery are missing along with tables laden with food. There are no weddings, and only a brief mention of fresh bread. This story is about the struggle of people trying to start over, who happen to be Amish. I carried the book with me everywhere for a couple of days in hopes of snagging a few minutes time to read more – until I finished it this morning. If you are in need for a great vacation book or a weekend read, and you enjoy Amish books – this one is delightful.

The Winnowing Season by Cindy Woodsmall (Sneak Peek) by WaterBrook Multnomah

Disclaimer: I received a free e-book in exchange for a review. I am participating in a contest by submitting the trailer and first chapter. I enjoy Blogging for Books and am glad to be a reviewer for them.

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